Graded Care Profile

Record Sheet

A - Area of Care: Physical

1. Nutrition

2. Housing

NOTE: Discount any direct external influences like repair done by other agency but count if the carer has spent a loan or a grant on the house or had made any other personal effort towards house improvement

3. Clothing

4. Hygiene

5. Health

Compliance = Availing professional advice at any venue and carrying out advice given.

B - Area of Care: Safety

1. In Presence

NOTE: Please refer to the item ‘d (Safety Features)’ and the note below that

Note: This item along with other safety provisions which are not a fixture like a bicycle helmet, safety car seats, sports safety wear etc. can be used to score for item ‘a’ (Awareness of safety).

2. Safety in Absence

C - Area of Care: Love

1. Carer

2. Mutual Engagement

CAUTION: If child has temperamental/behavioural problems, scoring in this sub-area (mainly quality item) can be affected unjustifiably. Scoring should be done on the basis of score in area of ‘carer’ (C/1) alone and problem noted as comments.

D - Area of Care: Esteem

1. Simulation

2. Approval

3. Disapproval

4. Disapproval

NOTE: If the style of parenting (over protective, permissive to foster independence, authoritarian) or type of values instilled is of concern, please make a note in the corresponding comment box on the record sheet